Educating Adults in Western Massachusetts since 1984


Guidelines for Volunteers

As a volunteer with The Literacy Project, you have a leadership position in our learning centers.  You play an important role in creating a positive and productive learning environment.  Please help us to make all of our classes successful by keeping in mind the following requests.  

  • Please show up on time and let us know in advance if you expect to miss a class.  If you miss class 2 or more times in a row without letting us know ahead of time, we may need to fill your spot with another volunteer.

  • Please come to class prepared to give your full attention to our students.  If you have “downtime” during class, check with your supervisor about other tasks that need to be done.  If you would like to attend to personal matters (such as checking email, doing your own homework or keeping a journal about your volunteer experience), please check with your supervisor to see if this is appropriate. 

  • Please protect the confidentiality of our students.  Some students choose not to share the fact that they are enrolled in our program, while others speak freely about their studies.  Please respect the decision of each student.  While we encourage you to share your experiences as a tutor with your friends and community, please do not give any specifics of an individual student that could make them recognizable. 

  • Please dress appropriately for a casual, professional environment.  While we have a casual setting, we ask that you dress in clothing that is neat and clean, and that you avoid styles that are particularly revealing.  Check with your supervisor if you are uncertain about what’s appropriate. 

  • Please turn off cell phones during class time.  If you must answer a call, please step outside the classroom.

  • Please respect the food guidelines of your classroom.  Some classes ask students and volunteers to enjoy food during breaks, while others share food throughout the class period. 
  • All of our learning centers and offices are smoke-free. 

A few guidelines are so important to us that a violation may result in an immediate dismissal from our program.  These include:

  • Do not bring any weapons, illegal drugs, or alcohol to our learning centers, and do not show up for volunteer service under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. 
  • Do not use Literacy Project computers to view inappropriate materials or engage in any kind of illegal activity.

  • Do not engage in acts of violence, intimidation or harassment. 

Thank you for helping us to make a safe and productive learning environment for all of our students, staff and volunteers!