Educating Adults in Western Massachusetts since 1984


Transitions Programs

The Literacy Project’s Transitions Programs complement our academic classes by helping students:

Overcome barriers to staying in school
Many students struggle with meeting basic needs such as housing, health care, child care, transportation and food.  Staff Transitions Counselors work with students individually to identify their needs and connect them with community resources that can help.  By creating more stability in their lives, students can devote more attention to their education and have a greater chance of success. 

Explore college and career options
Many students have never imagined they could go to college.  Transitions Counselors create a bridge from the GED to college and vocational training through campus tours, financial aid workshops, and tutorials on completing admission applications.  Transitions Counselors also help students explore career options and meet local employers in a variety of fields.

Build skills for success at school and work
While some students have many years of work experience, others have very little.  Transitions Counselors help students build skills they’ll need at school and work, such as computer literacy, effective study habits, goal setting and time management.  We teach students how to conduct a job search, write a resume, and interview effectively.  We also help them build the interpersonal skills employers expect, such as effective communication, leadership, and teamwork.  Internships, volunteer service and job shadowing give students the opportunity to build hands-on work experience.