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Frequently Asked Questions
for Students

How do I sign up for GED classes?
Call the center nearest to you, and we’ll schedule a time for you to meet with us to talk about your goals.

What can I expect at my first appointment?
We’ll meet with you individually in a comfortable, casual setting. 

  • We’ll ask you some questions about your skills, goals and your history in school and at work.
  • We’ll ask you to complete some multiple-choice questions in reading and math. 
  • Once we understand your level and goals, we’ll talk with you about your next steps.  We might recommend:
    • taking classes with us
    • taking classes with another program, or
    • registering to take the GED test. 

When are the GED classes offered?
Classes are offered 2-4 times a week, Monday-Friday.  Our classroom centers are not open on the weekend. The times vary at the different locations: Amherst, Greenfield, Northampton, Orange, Ware, and our Ware offsite location in Warren.

Can I choose when I come?
We have scheduled classes, and we’ll try to find one that works for you.  Once you enroll in a class, we expect you to have good attendance.  If you aren’t able to attend on a regular basis, we may need to give your seat to another student.

Where are the classes held?
The Literacy Project holds classes at our learning centers in Greenfield, Amherst, Northampton, Orange and Ware.  

How big are the classes? 
Classes have no more than 15 students, and most are smaller. 

Can I work at my own pace?
Yes.  After you work with the teacher to figure out what you need to learn, you will work at your own level and set your own pace. 

Will I be working with my own tutor?
You’ll be working in a group.  We have small classes and our teachers and volunteers offer a lot of individual support.

When do classes begin and end?
Our classes run throughout the school year, September through June.  We offer summer classes and programs when funding allows. You can start anytime and continue until you’ve reached your goals. 

What age do I need to be to take classes?
At least 16, but we have students in their 60s and 70s.  Everyone is welcome!  If you are under 18, you’ll need to have a withdrawal letter from your high school. 

What does it cost to take classes?
The classes are free. 

Can I take the GED test at your Center?
No, but we have pre-tests to help you get a sense of what you need to study in order to pass.  We can also help you register at an official testing site.

How long does it take to get a GED?
It varies with each person.  It depends on what skills you start with and how much time you’re able to put in at home. 

Where can I learn English?
For beginning English classes, contact the Center for New Americans or the International Language Institute.

Where can I study for my GED if I don’t live in western Massachusetts? 
For other locations in Massachusetts, contact the Massachusetts Adult Literacy Hotline, at
1-800-447-8844 or

For other locations in the country, contact the National Literacy Directory: 1-800-228-8813 or